about riley rearden

Riley has a background in nutritional biochemistry from UC Berkeley, and cellular aging research at UCSF. Riley combines this experience with her lifelong career in the wellness industry to help clients achieve optimal health through their relationship to food, movement, environment, and stress management. Having worked and interned with doctors, naturopaths, exercise physiologists, Nobel laureates, and world renowned meditation teachers, she has a unique perspective that approaches health from multiple disciplines. Riley uses a combination of genetic testing, biofeedback stress reduction, and custom nutrition, fitness and lifestyle prescriptions to help her clients achieve their fullest expression of health and well being. Riley is also a holistic chef, with a specialty in food allergies and gut health, as well as a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor. 




07 September 2018

Breathwork(out) is a fusion of intentional resistance training, vibrant conversation and powerful breathwork that will energize you and positively transform your life. This 2-hour workshop at Different Breed Strength is designed for individuals eager to reconnect, embrace community and breathe outside of their comfort zone.